Case Study

Since ISD was created, our team has worked with a real range of businesses and individuals to help them realise their design and business potential. Despite ISD being a young initiative, we can already boast some great success stories.

But don’t take just our word for it... see what our clients and collaborators have to say.

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  1. project image 29.May.2014

    Cerebra - GoTo Seat

    ISD assisted Cerebra through design advice and support in the concept stages of their GoTo Seat which allowed Cerebra to quickly develop the product for initial trials.

  2. project image 29.May.2014

    Promove UK Ltd

    Promove UK Ltd approached ISD to provide support in developing an orthotic assistive device primarily for use by muscular dystrophy sufferers.

  3. project image 28.May.2014

    4 Colour Digital Ltd

    Through a series of workshops and one-to-one sessions ISD were able to demo the benefits of 3D printing systems to 4 Colour Digital.

  4. project image 28.May.2014

    Adam Harris Ltd

    By collaborating on an R&D project , ISD were able to support Adam Harris in the investigation of commercial applications of glass in cast concrete furniture, which in turn could be translated into company products.

  5. project image 28.May.2014


    Through the initial scoping discussions with Nomad, ISD started a design review of their One Arm Drive. The design review focused on component assemblies and engineering drawings which allowed Nomad to identify out of date ad missing data.

  6. project image 03.Sep.2013

    Mee Creative

    By providing access to the ISD digital design lab, Mee Creative were able to develop the 3D CAD facilities and services they offer clients

  7. project image 03.Sep.2013

    EEE Safe - Appliance Repair Training Programme

    ISD provided EEE Safe with advice and support to launch a sustainable new standard and qualification for Appliance repairs that is safe and benefits local communities

  8. project image 03.Sep.2013

    Solray Ltd

    ISD provided expert advice, support and demonstrations on different 3D CAD solutions available

  9. project image 03.Sep.2013

    Cerebra - iPad Case

    ISD assisted Cerebra in processing the CAD drawings of the model and helped them to produce a master prototype which Cerebra could use to make a mould. This allowed Cerebra to produce a short run of the iPad cases for focus group testing prior to refinement and manufacture.

  10. project image 21.May.2012

    Welsh Boxes

    Welsh Boxes needed to respond to new challenges brought about by changing market conditions - along the way they discovered design was the key.