R&D Collaborations

A key component of the ISD project is the ability to work with companies on R&D collaborations to facilitate business growth and development. A number of exciting projects have already been completed and more are currently being undertaken. You can view a summary of the R&D activities below.

If you feel your company meets the criteria for assistance and you have an interesting project or problem that requires the support of ISD, please get in touch.


Company Name: HOS

Summary of R&D: This extensive R&D collaboration involved the exploration and examination of the transfer of glass moulding technology to the concrete industry. The R&D has provided the company with enhanced knowledge and expertise in the development of bespoke moulds for concrete.



Company Name: Nomad Wheelchairs Ltd

Summary of R&D: A collaborative partnership to explore the development of bespoke workflows for precision batch production of novel wheelchair components.



Company Name: Tim Joannides – My Smart Idea Ltd

Summary of R&D: Tim Joannides set up My Smart Idea Ltd to develop products for the pet care market. The R&D collaboration with ISD allowed the company access to knowledge and expertise within UWTSD with a particular focus on this collaboration with stress testing to check feasibility and material selection which was invaluable to getting the product to market.

Being signed up to the ISD project allows me to pitch my designs and have expert advice in the whole product development process from concept, prototyping and manufacture. With this advice along with the facilities available at UWTSD I am able to make informed decisions on feasibility and time to market”.

Tim Joannides, MD at My Smart Idea Ltd



Company Name: Adam Harris Ltd

Summary of R&D: This Collaborative R&D explored the use of recycled glass as a material. The R&D specifically considered low temperature fusing of crushed glass and its integration into concrete products.



Company Name: Promove UK Ltd

Summary of R&D: This collaboration researched the potential for the development of a product to assist people suffering from Muscular Dystrophy (MD) conditions. The collaborative R&D focused on the assistance of the upper limb movement, predominately the arms. The product falls under the category of physical aids to help those with MD have the use of their hands by being able to mechanically assist movement in the user’s arms.

"The Institute for Sustainable Design at Swansea has equipment and the staff with the skill sets that we do not have at Promove UK. Our collaborative programme therefore allows us to expand into a new and exciting product development that would otherwise be beyond our capabilities".

Dr. Huw Thomas, Managing Director, Promove UK



Company Name: Innovative Glass Products

Summary of R&D: Research and development collaboration into the feasibility of batch production for a new glass product and investigation into the potential for ‘invisible’ laser marking.



Company Name: Huw Griffiths Architects

Summary of R&D: A comparative evaluation of digital technologies within an architectural practice      



Company Name: Suite Options T/A Recliners

Summary of R&D: An empirical investigation into the development of specific methodologies for the design of specialist chairs for medical environments.



Company Name: Sylvie Vandenabeele

Summary of R&D: An investigation into the development and deployment of a minimal-impact remote tracking system for birds



Company Name: Jessica Lloyd Jones / Beate Gegenwart / Anne Gibbs / Anna Lewis

Summary of R&D: A group of 4 collaborations investigating the use of Additive manufacturing, 3D scanning and digital design tools to develop new methods and practices for producing unique Art forms.